Member Highlight: Michael And Charlotte Goldman

Michael And Charlotte Goldman:  Passion for Pottery

By Mary Moses

You may see Mike and Char Goldman entering and exiting the Historic Hernando Preservation Society meetings hand in hand.  “How sweet,” you may think, but theirs is a timeless story.  Char was a 17 year old nurses aide, she wore a crisp white uniform with shoes to match.  It was September of 1956 when Char laid eyes on her handsome patient, 18 year old Mike Goldman.  Their story began…and they married December 26th of the same year!

Mike and Char have shared many interests over the years.  Camping boating and raising horses.  Char is an accomplished horse trainer, and she recalls a love of horses from a very early age.  Arabians were her personal favorite, and the many pictures she shared showed her love and devotion for these regal animals.  In addition, Mike and Char also enjoyed raising Black Angus cattle.

When Char was a small girl, she loved playing in the mud, an early sign of her love for pottery making.  As fate would have it, she met a Navajo lady in Santa Fe, NM.  She taught Char many of the basics.  This early training led to classes at universities whenever she had the chance, and helping out in shops to learn more techniques to add to her repertoire.

Mike in his laid back manner simply states that his love of pottery came from following Char.  He looks at ease in the potters chair arranged neatly next to his wheel.  They speak of evenings trailing off into the wee hours as they peruse the hobby that brings them both so much joy.

As you enter their shop, you are overcome with the flow of creativity.  Signs on the cabinet doors encourage you to “Be Happy, Be Humble, Follow Your Dreams.” Char is the one who had a vision for this engaging shop.  Sometimes they give lessons to neighbor children, Char will also be speaking to Silverthorn about their ABC Artisan Pottery classes.  Their articles range for serviceable cups and pots  to one of a kind artistic sculptures. Several beautiful articles made it out of the kiln just that very afternoon, among them a beautiful aqua salad bowl with four serving bowls…a gift for her daughter.

We sat on the deck sipping raspberry lemonade, commenting on the numerous plants housed in gorgeous pottery. No surprise, both Mike and Char are Master Gardeners.

These two beautiful people love being a part of Historic Preservation. They were first drawn into it because they loved how friendly Jon and Dana Yeager were to them.  They stay because there is so much to do, and they enjoy the meetings when they are able to come.  Historic Hernando Preservation Society is honored to have Mike and Char Goldman among its membership.