Mary’s Fish Camp

Mary’s Fish Camp has been a landmark in Hernando County since 1946.  Situated on the beautiful Mudd River, it creates memories of lazy summer days past.  Four cabins are being restored to provide guests with opportunities to create their own Florida memories.  In addition 17 camp sites will be available for booking. A huge, preserved cast iron sink is situated on the dock to help facilitate cleaning what you catch.

“The vision for the camp is simple,” Blair Hensley, one of the eleven investors stated. “We just want to have an old time fish camp.”  Blair has many ideas for the camp, even extending an offer to Historic Hernando Preservation to hold an event in the future.  They plan to have RC colas and moon pies for sale, creating even more nostalgia.

Historic Hernando Preservation Society President, Don Moses presented Blair Hensley with a certificate of appreciation for doing his part (as well as the other investors he represents), to promote and preserve Hernando history.  A one year membership was also extended to the group.  Historic Hernando Preservation Society cannot wait to see what other ventures this team may have in store.