Mabel Sims Wins LeeAnne Shoeman Award

The Historic Hernando Preservation Society was pleased to award the Lee Anne Shoeman Preservation Award this year to Brooksville historian Mabel Sims. Mrs. Sims has been instrumental in preserving local history, much of which she has familial ties to. Her ancestors include Black Seminoles, enslaved people brought by early settlers to Brooksville, community founders, and significant community leaders. She has spent years collecting stories and artifacts, traveling to local events and schools to share her special knowledge of local history. She has educated and inspired countless people throughout Florida and is truly deserving of this award.

Luckily some of Mrs. Sims’ historical knowledge has been preserved through interviews and videos. You can hear her speak about Black Seminole history in this video below.

The Lee Anne Shoeman Preservation Award is presented annually to a person who as contributed to understanding of the historic significance of Hernando County, and or furthering historic education in Hernando County. It is named in honor of Lee Anne Shoeman, a gifted educator and historian. The award serves as a beacon of hope that the work of Ms. Shoeman will carry on with those of us who love history and wish to continue the memory of a beloved historian, writer and educator. The award is displayed in Brooksville City Hall​ with the award winner’s name engraved.

Lee Anne Shoeman Preservation Award