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Pilaklikaha History

Pilaklikaha was also known as “Abraham’s Old Town,” named after Abraham, who came to the area after escaping slavery in Pensacola around 1826. Abraham served as a skilled interpreter and the voice of the Seminoles during treaty negotiations with the United States government. He rose to prominence as the counselor for Chief Micanopy, even accompanying him on a diplomatic trip to Washington, D.C. Abraham was later released from service in appreciation for his work. Assuming a connection to the Dade Massacre in 1835, United States Army soldiers, under the command of Brigadier General Abraham Eustis, burned Pilaklikaha to the ground on March 30, 1836, during the second escalation of the Seminole War. All the residents of Abraham’s town escaped weeks before its destruction. During the conflict, many native Seminoles and some Black Seminoles, including Abraham, were forcibly relocated to Indian Territory, in present-day Oklahoma, as part of the “Trail of Tears.” Abraham died in Indian Territory sometime after 1870.

Centralia History

The Historic Hernando Preservation Society has welcomed Sid Taylor as our guest speaker several times over the years. Most recently, she spoke about the history of the town of Centralia. Centralia was a short-lived but significant sawmill town that sprung up in western Hernando County around the turn of the century. At its peak, about 1,200 laborers and their families and support, numbering another 3000, occupied the boom town. After harvesting all 15,000 acres of monster red Tidewater Cypress in less than two decades, the town folded and was completely abandoned.

We are fortunate to have the Centralia presentation prepared by Ms. Taylor  below which is full of history and images. Enjoy!

Cypress Logging at Centralia,8-22-15,edit 9-19-17,m

Chinsegut Presentation

Chinsegut,on-line,Sept. 28, 2012

CCC Presentation

CCCPresentation, 0n-line,USDA, Oct. 2013,2 (1)

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HC Library Oral History Collection

Black Seminole History

The Brooksville Army Airfield WWII Bunker in Hernando County

Oriole Cemetery in Withlacoochee State Forest