Lee Anne Shoeman Award Winner 2019: Bill Rosst

William Rosst became a member of Hernando Past in 2010. For almost a decade, he was always willing to help the society as a board member, and later as an ex officio board member. He purchased a computer projector for the organization. He provided wonderful lectures/presentations on the history of the MAYA, drawn from his rich experience as an archaeologist and engineer around the world. In 2012, with the MAYAN CALENDAR event in the news, Bill gave a great presentation at that time. He brought a steady and professional opinion and demeanor to all of the preservation society’s meetings and deliberations. Most notably, he was instrumental in the CENTRALIA historic marker by providing the majority of the funding for that project, dedicated a few years ago. His work in preserving Hernando County’s cultural/historical resources qualifies him immensely to receive the Lee Anne Shoeman Preservation Award for 2019. He was a beloved member of Hernando Past and will be sorely missed. It is a great honor to his memory to award this to Bill Rosst, posthumously.

Bill Rosst, 1931-2019