“Bubble Gum” the Spring Hill Dinosaur

On Sunday, October 11, HHPS President Don Moses gave a Certificate of Appreciation to Al Madden, owner of Fudge Factory USA on US 19 for his efforts to repair and restore the 22′ tall pink dinosaur on US 19 that helps add a unique flair to our County. The dinosaur was constructed in 1962 as a mascot for the Foxbower Wildlife Museum, which closed in 1998. In recent years, the dinosaur’s tail had developed a hole and the paint had faded and flaked off. When Mr. Madden and his wife opened a new Fudge Store in the building behind the dinosaur, they took it upon themselves to restore the icon, including its bubble gum pink coat of paint, to the delight of visitors.

For more information on the dinosaur’s history, please see: http://hernandocountyhistory.wikia.com/wiki/Spring_Hill_Dinosaur. And to see more about the restoration efforts, please see: http://hernandosun.com/fudgefactory_usa_pink_dinosaur