A Note from Great Brooksvillian Jan Knowles

“I would like to send out a sincere thank you to the City of Brooksville, the 2014 Great Brooksvillian committee and the Tomanian Society for their elegant Award Ceremony on my behalf.

For the many years I served as volunteer for many organizations. I never  thought I needed any recognition for the work I loved to do and received great gratification doing it until now.

This award bestowed on me  by many many people and organizations has brought me great honor and such respect to be in the same honorable standing as those before me.   As the 13th recipient of this prestigious award  I will continue my work as always and remember this award and why I received it every day with my memories of everyone who helped me along the way. And a special thanks  to all who shared that  magical, special evening with me and my family and also to those who sent me congratulations but could not attend.

Let us  always take a moment and  look around and enjoy the rich heritage our City and County have and decide what we can do to preserve it always.

Jan Knowles

2014 Great Brooksvillian.”